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When you’re planning on building a fence, you may quickly realize it’s not as simple as buying the materials, reading a do-it-yourself guide and hammering stakes into the ground. You need to ask the right questions to avoid setbacks.

5 Questions to Ask Before Building a Fence 

Below are the key five questions you should ask yourself when you start the fence-planning process.

1. What Does Building Code Permit?

Every town has their own specific building code. Yours may require you to get a permit to build a fence. While a municipality’s regulations don’t typically prohibit fencing, they sometimes limit fence height.

If you want to build a high fence for privacy and security reasons, check with the building permit office first.

2. Where Is My Property Line?

Where does your property begin and end?

Even if you think you know, confirm this through a survey before you invest in building a fence. It’s well worth the cost, especially when you compare it to what you’ll pay if you have to tear down the fence and start over due to a property line dispute.

3. What Benefits Should a Fence Provide?

What are you looking for in a new fence? Before you spend the time and the money on building a fence, identify the goal you’re working toward, be it privacy, aesthetics, security or all the above.

Depending on your priorities, this will guide your material selection and the overall project design as well.

4. Do My Neighbors Know?

Sharing your fence-building plans is just part of being a good neighbor. They may ask you to wait until they can move plantings or they may want to talk details about the property line. You might be pleasantly surprised — they might offer to share the costs as long as they have a say in the design. It could work out to be beneficial to you both.

5. How Much Maintenance Do I Want to Handle?

Before you make a decision on fencing material, consider the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to.

While a wood fence will require regular staining and painting to keep it protected from the elements, a vinyl fence only requires a quick hose-down to remove dirt — no paintbrush required. Consider how much time you’re willing to invest in keeping your fence strong over the years, as this will contribute to the costs.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re experienced in helping Utah homeowners when they’re building a fence. Is this the next project on your to-do list? Come down to the warehouse and let’s talk.