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Does Utah Fence Warehouse have a showroom?

Should I notify the neighbors that a fence is being installed / replaced?

Does Utah Fence Warehouse locate and install fence on the property line?

No – It is the homeowners responsibility to meet with their neighbors and locate
property lines as well as decide if the fence should be placed on either side or down the middle of the property line. If homeowners do not know or cannot agree upon where to install fence we would then recommend hiring a surveyor to locate property lines. (typical cost of surveyor ranges between $800 – $1500)

Is a fence permit or HOA (Home Owners Association) approval necessary before installing a fence in my yard?

Does Utah Fence Warehouse locate underground utilities?

Will my new fence come with a written warranty?

What are the basic fence materials used by Utah Fence Warehouse?

What tools will I need to install my new fence?

Do you require a deposit and what forms of payments are accepted?

Can lawn edging and trimming equipment (weed-eaters) damage my new fence?