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Trying to think of all the pros and cons before you build a fence?

Right now, you may think of a fence as an expense, but after reading about these nine benefits a fence can offer, you’ll see that it’s more of an investment.


1. A Neighbor Isn’t Respecting Property Lines

For many homeowners, there is nothing more frustrating than a neighbor who seems to ignore a property line. While you’re a reasonable person, you’d appreciate it if they respected boundaries.

Always talk about your issues calmly with your neighbor, but you can also build a fence to clear up any debate over whose property is whose.

2. Road and Neighbor Noise Is Too Loud

Whether it’s the cars speeding by on a road behind your home or your neighbor’s rowdy backyard parties, the noise level in your back yard can be bothersome. You want your back yard to be a peaceful oasis. Cut down on the noise and build a fence.

3. A Neighbor’s Weeds Are Taking Over

If your neighbor’s unruly gardening style (or lack thereof) is starting to encroach into your space, fencing can help prevent anyone from mistaking their messy landscaping as your own. Even more important, it can stop their weeds from choking out your nice plants.

4. Privacy Is a Necessity

You may not want everyone in the neighborhood to watch what’s going on in your back yard. Privacy is one of the main reasons homeowners decide to build a fence. You can find a fence that’s high enough to block the view of curious onlookers and give you and your family the privacy to relax outdoors in peace.

5. Yard Security Is Important

When you have a fenced yard, it’s less likely any trespasser will try to gain entry. Your water features will no longer attract thirsty deer, and your landscaping equipment will be safely enclosed. Some homeowners insurance policies consider a fence an added security measure, and you may receive a discount on your policy.

6. Pets and Children Must Be Protected

Homeowners build fences to protect what’s theirs, and that includes their pets and children. Wandering pups and toddlers will be able to explore, but only in the confines of the property, not the entire neighborhood. A fence gives you peace of mind that your furry friends and mini-humans are safe.

7. Scavenging Animals Must Be Kept Out

Have you noticed your garden’s produce going missing? Scavengers may be making off with the fruits of your labor, but you can build a fence to help keep out the big ones.

8. A Fence Adds to Curb Appeal

An attractive fence adds character to a property. Find a style that fits your home and complements its exterior design. You’ll see that a fence can dramatically enhance curb appeal and give your home the face-lift you didn’t know it needed.

9. A Fence Adds to Home Value

Because of all these advantages, fences add to property value. Build a fence if you’re planning on listing your home for sale in a competitive real estate market. Fences provide a good return on investment by tipping the scales in your property’s favor in the eyes of interested buyers.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we help homeowners through every step. When you want to build a fence, you may not know where to start. We will walk you through the project stages, making sure you end up with a sensational result. Contact us today to get started!