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A front-yard fence can make your home stand out, but you want to choose the right one. It can change the look of your home!

What should you consider when weighing your front-yard fencing options?

Choosing the Best Type of Front-Yard Fence

1. Tie it in with Your Home’s Architectural Design

You could use your new fence to make a strong design statement by providing a sharp contrast to your home’s design. But this likely will only appeal to others who share your sense of style.

It’s usually more productive to tie in your fencing choices with your home’s architectural style. If your home has a straightforward, simple design, make your fence match. An ornamental fence paired with a plain home doesn’t make design sense!

2. Height Choice Is Important

You will probably have to make a phone call or two to find out if your community restricts fence heights, especially for the front yard. Check with your homeowners association as well as the local building office. Look at other homes in the neighborhood to get an idea of what’s normal for the area.

3. Don’t Forget to Add Accents

Alone, a simple fence only fulfills basic design and function purposes. But with added accents, your fence will feel like it belongs. Consider installing lighting with your new fence, or adding landscaping such as flowers or shrubs along the inside or outside.

4. Function Is Just as Vital as Look

What’s most important about your front-yard fence? If its only function will be to add curb appeal, design should be your main focus. But if you need fencing to contain children or pets, or for added security, keep this in mind as you review your options.

Three Suggestions for Your Home

A split-rail fence is charming and rustic. While it won’t do much to keep your playful puppy contained, it gives your home a lived-in look and establishes a property line.

The vinyl picket fence is popular for front yards. It’s traditional, yet modern, since you’ll be using vinyl instead of wood. It can stand the test of time and give your home the classic look you love.

Finally, consider a security fence if you’re looking for privacy and safety. Wrought iron or aluminum are strong, durable materials that keep intruders out, but add class to your curb appeal.

Utah Fence Warehouse is here to provide supplies, direction and hands-on assistance when you’re building a front-yard fence. Visit us today and get your fencing questions answered!