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A fence gate enhances your property’s security while providing you an easy access point in and out of your yard. After choosing your fencing materials, selecting the gate location and type are the next steps in finalizing the plans for your new fencing project.

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What should you look for in a fence gate?

Keep Loved Ones in, Intruders Out

Think about why you need a secure fence gate. Your first reason is likely to keep your children or pets safe. Mischievous kids and curious pets have an unrelenting desire to see what’s outside the fence that’s keeping them contained. You need a door with a lock that’s out of their reach and difficult for a child or a smart puppy to operate.

You also likely want to protect your property from intruders. If a fence gate can be easily operated from the outside, anyone can gain entry to your yard. If it isn’t secure, anyone can open the latch and get in. A product that locks firmly from the inside guards against this threat.

3 Options for Fence Gates

You can narrow down the selections by deciding on your preference for how you want your gate to function.

    • Swing gate: The type that swing open are the most common. The only question is: In which direction would you like it to swing? Would you like one panel to open, or would you prefer double-wide panels in the center?
    • Cantilever slide gate: A swing gate isn’t always the most realistic option for a fence, such one located on a steep hill that would interfere with its trajectory. This is when sliding gates are convenient. A cantilever slide gate is a free-floating gate that operates on a counterbalance system held above the ground.
    • Rolling slide gate: The rolling slide gate is slightly different. It rests on tracks that are embedded in the ground. Rolling gates are a great option when you have limited space, but beware: Snow and ice buildup can interfere with its smooth operation in wintertime.

    Hardware and Materials Must Be Sturdy

    No matter what type of fence gate you decide on, the quality of the hardware, fencing materials and workmanship must be superior in order to create a long-lasting opening system.

    If you’re planning on installing your fence gate yourself, depend on Utah Fence Warehouse for all of the supplies you need. We also provide professional fence installation services if you’d rather our expert team take care of the task. Call or visit us today to learn more.