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For many considering installing a new fence on their property, multiple important factors are involved. You want a legitimate, aesthetically-pleasing fence option to help define your property, but you also likely care about factors like security, limiting unnecessary property access and other practical factors that come with a fence installation.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’ve helped numerous Utahns find the ideal fencing supplies when searching for a fantastic multi-purpose fence. From wood fence options to vinyl, chain link, wrought iron and even ornamental aluminum fences, we offer materials and installation services that help you achieve the precise fence balance you desire. Here are some basics on combining aesthetic and practical factors for the best possible fence on your property.

combining practical aesthetic fencing

Defining Decorative Elements

There are numerous fencing materials that offer decorative qualities, including some of the most well-known and highly practical options. Vinyl fences, for instance, can be designed in any color and them you want, but also offer fantastic security and durability throughout the year. They allow for the placement of a trellis or a picket-style top for aesthetic improvements.

In addition, though, they’re very hard to climb and will not crack or break under pressure. The same qualities are shared by several other fencing options to one degree or another, and those looking for both practicality and visual appeal will have multiple choices available.

Security Factors

Even if you’re going for a highly customized decorative fence, today’s modern fencing materials mean there’s no need to sacrifice security factors to make this happen. Consider iron or aluminum fences, for instance, which are powder-coated to prevent rust and can be matched with any color or shade your garden, home or property are taking. These fencing options are easy to assemble and install and also provide a durable source of security, but also allow for easy tweaks or changes with decorative qualities in mind.

Limiting Access

One of the top methods for limiting property access using a fence is ensuring the height of the fence is adequate for its surroundings. Not only are taller fences tougher to climb, they signal privacy and property markings in ways smaller fences may not.

Numerous fencing materials offer this option along with secure, durable gate options for entry and exit. There are numerous self-closing and self-locking mechanisms that can be installed in fence gates, and you can also obtain quality lighting for this area – this will benefit you both aesthetically and security-wise. All these options are available for many of the fence materials we’ve mentioned, meaning you do not have to sacrifice security for beauty.

For more on how to combine practical and aesthetic elements when installing a new fence, or to learn about any of our fencing contractor services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.