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In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the basic ways to prepare for an upcoming fence installation anywhere on your property. From confirming property lines to dealing with HOAs and neighbors, there are a number of basic preparation elements that will be helpful for any fence installation. 

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re here to help with fence installation around Layton and other parts of Utah, whether you’re interested in a vinyl fence, chain link fence, wood fence or any other variety. Here are some other general tips on prepping for an upcoming fence installation. 

fence installation prep obstructions

Removing Obstructions

As you get closer to the date of installation, you’ll want to make sure to remove any obstacles that may be in the way. Any plants or trees in the area will need to be removed or transplanted out of the space. You’ll also want to take down existing fences and other structures that could prevent your new fence from being installed correctly. 

Furthermore, you’ll want to double check any power lines or natural gas tanks that may be in the installation area. They should be clearly marked and identified, but if you’re unsure contact your local utility companies for assistance. 

ID Any Off-Limits Areas

Depending on the layout of your land, there may be certain areas that are off-limits for the fence installation. These can include fire hydrants, mailboxes and driveways or other walkways. It’s important to identify these areas as soon as possible and discuss them with your fencing contractor so they can plan accordingly and decide if any adjustments need to be made. 

For instance, maybe the fence needs to be installed at a slight angle in order to avoid running into any existing structures. 

Ensure the Ground is Level

Before any installation can begin, it’s important to make sure the ground is completely level. If there are any dips or slopes in the terrain, it will affect how the fence sits and performs over time. Depending on the grade of the land, you may need to have some dirt or soil brought in and leveled off before installation begins. 

Now, this is an area where fence professionals can be especially helpful. If you’re unsure of the grade or if any adjustments need to be made, your contractor should be able to help analyze the situation and come up with a plan.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we have a team of experienced professionals who can help guide you through the fence installation process. We understand that every property is unique and will work with you to make sure your new fence fits perfectly into your landscape. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing services!