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A pet-friendly fence is a fence that works at keeping your dog contained. An invisible fence may be adequate for your needs, but this type of fence might not work for large dogs. Moreover, the money you spend on an invisible fence serves only one purpose — containing your dog — while a physical fence offers other benefits as well.

Pet Fence for Dogs

Count the Cost of an Invisible Fence

It can cost thousands to install an invisible fence. The national average is $1,150, but that doesn’t include the cost of collars, chargers, voltage meters and batteries. Also, if you have a large property, expect to pay more to fence all of it.

You could also try a wireless system, but beware that malfunctions are more common and the range is limited.

Regardless of which type you choose, you are paying hundreds to thousands and you’re only getting a dog-containment system — one that might not always work on large animals.

When You Own an Escape Artist

Dogs that are determined to escape their boundaries could be unfazed by the shocks their collar delivers and get away anyway. This is probably the most frustrating part for the pet owner who has spent thousands trying to keep their dog safe.

If your dog is an escape artist, you may have to put physical boundaries in its way, such as a tall pet-friendly fence!

What Are Your Options?

Many fences are tall enough to keep even the most athletic high-jumper inside your yard. It’s just a matter of how high you can legally build, given local codes. Find out if you have city or homeowners association height restrictions, then come to Utah Fence Warehouse to check out your options.

When you choose a physical, pet-friendly fence over a wireless system, your investment isn’t just for your dog — you get to enjoy all the other benefits of a fenced yard. You have more privacy. Your kids won’t escape, either. And you add value to your home, as fencing is attractive to prospective buyers.

And most importantly, your dog is less likely to make a run for it, mainly because he or she can’t see over it!

Come to Our Warehouse

Should you get wood or vinyl? What color do you want? There are so many questions to answer, and we can provide the information you need.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we help you set pet-friendly fence priorities, and our top concern is durability. You need a strong fence that can withstand the elements and your dog’s front paws. We can help you point you in the right direction — come in and check out our inventory today.