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Spring is the ideal time for a fence installation. The weather has turned warm, the birds are chirping, and if you plan correctly and work hard, your new fence will be ready for the remainder of the outdoor months.


Whether you’re installing a fence for aesthetics or to contain your pets and kids, every homeowner needs to prepare adequately so they aren’t faced with surprises during the building process.

Investigate Property Lines and Talk to Neighbors

The first step is to share your plans with your neighbors. Make sure that they know where the fence will go, what it will look like and when to expect it to go up. This is the best way to ensure you maintain friendly relations — many neighbors are offended if a fence goes up suddenly without any notification.

Second, it’s vital to check the location of the property lines to make sure the fence doesn’t go outside your plot. Do this even if you’re replacing an older fence since it could be built on the wrong side of the plot line. If you can’t find a record of your land boundaries, call your town hall’s property division.

Research Codes and Get Your Permit

Does your town have restrictions on fence height? The best place to find out is the local building office. You might be able to look up fencing codes online. In some cases, you are required to get a permit before you build, which is valid for a set amount of time and legally allows you to start the construction process.

Check for Utility Lines

Prior to digging post holes, it’s important to map out electrical and plumbing lines for safety reasons and so you don’t inadvertently cause expensive underground damage. If you’re handling the project on your own, you can call utility companies or industry professionals to help you locate sewer, water and electrical lines before you begin.

Compare Materials

Deciding on fence material is probably one of the most difficult decisions in the process. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, iron — which will look best once it’s finished? More importantly, which one will function best for your needs? Think about your priorities — whether you’re looking for low maintenance, low budget or both — then compile a list of questions for your visit to Utah Fence Warehouse.

Come to Utah Fence Warehouse

At Utah Fence Warehouse, you can look at the fencing materials and choose what you like best before you place your order. You can ask our team questions about performance and get expert recommendations for your fence installation. Visit us today and get low prices on the high-quality materials you prefer.