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It’s that time of year again — time to gear up for fence repairs. In a perfect world, no fences would ever break and you could spend your weekends simply relaxing and enjoying your perfectly landscaped yard.


But for now, those weekends will have to wait. Grooming your yard for summertime takes hard work and sweat, and that includes making fence repairs.


Winter Wreaks Havoc on Fences

You don’t live in a warm climate — you live in Utah. The winters aren’t as kind as they are in other, southern areas of the country. From strong winds to falling tree branches, it’s highly likely that your fence sustained some seasonal damage over the past six months.

Working Outside Is a Breeze — Literally

Spring is yardwork season. After being cooped up all winter, it’s good to finally get outside and breathe the fresh, spring air. Also, it’s hard to look at your yard covered in leaves and debris. It stands to reason that you feel the same way about your fence.

Your Fence Must Hold Up All Summer

Think about all the reasons you built a fence in the first place. You wanted to keep your small children safe. You wanted an area for your dog to run free. You wanted privacy. You wanted to keep out foraging rodents and animals.

All those motivations are only amplified in the summer, when you, your children and your pets are spending more time outside. It makes sense to put fence repairs at the top of your “to-do” list in the spring, before summer begins and your family spends more time outside.

Your Fence Supplier Has Been Stocking Up

Good news for you: Your fence supplier, Utah Fence Warehouse, has been stockpiling supplies all winter long. When you need a specific part to complete your fence repairs, just come into the warehouse — we have what you need.

While plenty of homeowners have new fences installed during the wintertime, it’s also a season we use to make sure we are prepared to help you, come spring.

Is Your Fence Beyond Repair?

One of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to fence repairs is knowing when the damage is too great. You invested a lot of time installing the fence, so it can be demoralizing to learn that to bring the fence back up to snuff would take almost the same amount money and time that replacing it would.

Are you struggling to decide between fence repairs and replacement? Talk to our team today. We’ll help you understand the difference between repairable and replaceable damage, and give you a quote on both options.