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For those considering one, a wrought iron fence is a beautiful fencing option that provides both aesthetics and functionality to any property. Like with any other project you’re spending money on, you’ll naturally be wondering about the costs of wrought iron fencing — and these will depend on a few important factors. 

At Utah Fence Warehouse, wrought iron is just one of several fencing materials we’re happy to offer to our clients throughout Utah. This gorgeous product can be used for a mix of decorative and functional needs on any property, improving both visual appeal and overall value. Which are the most important factors impacting the likely cost of a wrought iron fence? This two-part blog series will go over several.

wrought iron fence costs size

Size of the Property

Like any other fence type, one of the first and most important factors impacting the cost of a wrought iron fence is the size of the property. If you need to enclose an entire acre or more, for example, your costs will be quite different than if you only need to fence off a small area. On larger properties, there’s often need for gates and other forms of access control as well — which further drive up costs.

Type of Wrought Iron

Did you know that there are multiple types of wrought iron? Different types vary in terms of cost, durability and portability — which can be a factor if you’re trying to enclose a large area. For example, ornamental wrought iron is beautiful but not the most durable option. Meanwhile, heavier steel types can also make fencing challenging if you don’t have proper equipment or manpower on-hand.

Fence Height

Wrought iron fences come in a wide range of potential height templates, from ornamental models that top out at a few inches to fencing that can measure close to 10 feet tall. Which height you opt for will have a direct impact on the prices of your fence — with taller fences costing more per linear foot, naturally.

This often comes down primarily to the purpose you’re purchasing the fence for. If you’re looking for a fence to provide privacy, you’ll likely want one that provides at least an additional 3-4 feet of height — which can increase your costs.

Do You Need a Gate?

Depending on where your wrought iron fence is built and its purposes, you may want to include a gate. Gates are beautiful but require additional materials, labor costs and permitting processes — all of which will impact the overall cost of your project. Gates can range between a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars or more, depending on variables like type and location.

For more on the biggest factors that impact the cost of your wrought iron fence, or to learn about any of our fence products or installation services in Utah, speak to the team at Utah Fence Warehouse today.