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If you’re a homeowner considering erecting a privacy fence on your property, you want this fence to be both durable and useful when it comes to protective elements. For this reason and several others, vinyl is becoming a more and more popular choice for those with these needs.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we offer the highest quality vinyl fence services and materials, plus a lifetime limited warranty on all our materials. Why is vinyl such a great choice for a privacy fence or similar needs on your property? Let’s go over some of its top qualities, plus some selection tips we can offer you in each major area.

qualities vinyl privacy fences

Color Selection and Quality

For a number of years, vinyl was limited in the color selection it provided for fence owners. You could really only choose white or various lighter shades for a DIY fence installation, which caused many to look in other directions for aesthetic reasons.

Today, however, this is not a concern. Modern vinyl technology allows for a wide range of color choices, from traditional white to brown, grey cedar, black and numerous others. These colors will not fade, chalk or buckle, even under the hot sun or the coldest winter day. For those looking to build a privacy fence that blends in with the yard and its surroundings, vinyl is a great choice.

UV and Other Protection

Privacy fences are often built in large part for various protective qualities on the property, and vinyl materials offer several specific benefits here. For starters, modern vinyl is generally outfitted with built-in impact inhibitors – these withstand any significant impact plus the strongest of winds throughout the year, ensuring your fence will stay standing no matter what pressure it encounters.

In addition, vinyl products contain UV inhibitors that protect the entire fence from the sun’s UV rays. Your vinyl fence will never experience warping or any other temperature-related wear-and-tear, standing for years while looking exactly as it did on the day it was installed.

Varying Height Options

Another vital element for any privacy fence is its height, and there are no limitations in this area when it comes to vinyl panels. There are options ranging from four feet high all the way to eight feet, and our team will help you choose the proper height based on your needs so that you don’t dominate the landscape but also get the protection you need. One important area to keep an eye out for here is local regulations, which may limit the height that’s allowed for a fence in your area.

For more on why vinyl is such an excellent choice for a privacy fence material, or to learn about or wood or ornamental fence materials or our fencing contractor services, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.