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For those who are looking for an ideal combination of decorative and functional qualities with any fence installation, iron is one of the best materials out there. Iron and wrought iron fences combine excellent durability with beautiful style and aesthetics, allowing property owners to achieve their practical needs easily while also maintaining curb appeal, property value and personal enjoyment from their property border.

At Utah Fence Warehouse, we’re happy to offer a variety of wrought iron fence options, made from strong iron alloys and fabricated into a number of different designs. If you’re considering iron for your next fence alongside a few other common fencing materials, such as vinyl, chain link, wood or others, what are some of the top benefits of iron in comparison? This two-part blog series will go over several areas Layton, Utah clients should be aware of.

iron fence security safety

Security Themes

For many property owners, security is the top priority when it comes to the fence. We’re not just talking about prevention of burglars, though this is a relevant area – we’re also referring to its limited propensity to break or become damaged, plus its safety qualities around children, pets, gardening materials and many other common home presences.

From a broader security standpoint, though, you really can’t do much better than wrought iron. Iron is hard to cut or damage through impact, meaning any unscrupulous individuals trying to sneak onto your property will have major obstacles in front of them.


In addition, wrought iron is an extremely safe material to be used for a fence. This is in contrast to some myths that have gone around about it, claiming it breaks easily – this is not true at all, as iron is actually one of the most durable materials out there for fences.

This means you aren’t dealing with pets or kids getting injured by pieces of the fence if it breaks, splits or splinters, as none of these are high risks with iron. In addition, it’s easy to add panels or additions to an iron fence to stop pets or kids from slipping through the rails.

Limited Maintenance

Another major advantage for many property owners when considering an iron fence is how easy it is to maintain. Iron fences are powder-coated at the factory, which brings a protective layer that prevents any rust or corrosion – you do not have perform do any sealing or related tasks here, such as painting or staining the iron. Rather, it will stand up to the elements with little but cosmetic repairs for years.

For more on the benefits of iron as a fence material, or to learn about any of our iron fences or other fencing materials and solutions in Layton, speak to the staff at Utah Fence Warehouse today.