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Looking for the right type of fence to meet your needs, match your home and deliver value year after year?

It’s not an easy decision, because there isn’t just one right answer. Depending on why you want or need a fence, your budget and your preferences, the right type of fence for you may be different from the one your neighbor needs.
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How should you organize the decision-making process so you end up with the right type of fence?

Always Make Function the Top Priority

Fencing contractors and homeowners who’ve had fences installed will tell you: Make sure the fence will functional the way you want it to.

For example, if you want a fence that will keep your dog in your yard, make sure you build it high enough so they can’t jump over. Also, make sure you embed it at least 6 inches underground so they won’t dig their way out. Many homeowners have had post-project regret because they didn’t make sure the type of fence they chose fulfilled their wishes before they had it installed.

Start by identifying why you need this fence, find a selection of products that can meet your demands, then move on to the next question.

Next, Balance Cost, Maintenance and Aesthetics

It’s hard to say what matters more — the overall price or the final look. Homeowners with limited budgets will likely prioritize price over aesthetics, but others will disagree. Either way, make sure you count the full cost of every fencing option to get the most accurate view.

For example, a vinyl fence will cost more than a wood fence, up front. However, as time goes along, a wood fence costs more to maintain, both in manpower and dollars. It must be sanded, primed and stained when the finish wears off or else it will rot. A vinyl fence can last for decades without any maintenance at all, besides occasionally spraying off dirt and grime with a garden hose.

When you add up the cost of a wood fence and its associated maintenance over the years, you might find vinyl is worth the investment. If you prefer the look of wood, consider making small investments in labor and materials over the years to achieve the classic appearance you’re going for.

Don’t Make a Final Decision Without HOA Approval

No matter what, don’t ever buy fencing materials or install a fence without checking with your homeowners association. HOAs sometimes have strict regulations on the type of fence homeowners can erect, and where exactly it can go.

If you don’t have an HOA, you still have your town’s building code to consider. Make sure you get the right permits and ensure the specifications so your new fence doesn’t go against any building code restrictions.

Utah Fence Warehouse stocks every type of fence imaginable. We have a wide range of styles and materials for you to compare, discount prices and unmatched service. Call or come in today to learn more.