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If you want a durable fence, you have to choose the right material. A fence is an investment and it takes a lot of effort to install, so you want it to last for more than a few years.

What’s the Most Durable Fence Material

We sell three stand-out kinds of durable fences here at Utah Fence Warehouse. Check out the specs on each to see which type lines up with your expectations.

Pure Strength: Wrought Iron

Metal fences survive for decades. They bring a classic look to your property and they weather every season. As far as maintenance goes, wrought iron requires a paint touch-up if the coating starts to chip. This will prevent rusting.

Over time, a patina can develop on iron, which many homeowners like. Iron is one of the strongest metal fences you can find, and this makes it one of the more durable options available. Steel and aluminum also bring toughness, but go with wrought iron if you’re looking for pure resiliency.

Element Resistance: Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl isn’t as strong of a material as iron, but it’s still one of the more durable fence options. This is because vinyl doesn’t rust. It just gets dirty, and that’s easily fixed by quickly hosing it down. It doesn’t matter how much snow a Utah winter brings — vinyl doesn’t peel or oxidize, and that makes it a top choice for many Utah property owners.

Natural Longevity: Cedar

If you love the look of natural wood, a cedar fence ranks among the most durable options. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and infestation with its tight grain and dense composition. It also looks good and is relatively easy to install on your own, unlike heavy materials like wrought iron.

While it stands up to the elements, it doesn’t always stand up to moisture, so if you choose cedar fencing, make sure you install pressure-treated wood for the fence posts. Your only maintenance requirement will be regular sealing to keep the wood protected over the years.

Finding Your Match

Finding the perfect fence for you starts with knowing your priorities. Choosing a durable fence is only worthwhile if it fits your lifestyle. Your fence needs to provide all the other benefits you expect, such as aesthetics.

Explore all your durable fence options at Utah Fence Warehouse. Fencing is our specialty, and we’re focused on helping you find the fence that’s ideal for your property, meets your needs and provides a long-lasting solution.