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Wood fencing is popular because it’s rustic, charming and traditional, yet can be stained or painted to suit any design scheme. Wood is low-cost, affordable and easy to work with, especially when you have the right tools, materials and experience. It’s a foolproof solution when you need a fence and you’re not willing to compromise on aesthetics or price.

wood fencing

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Customize by Color, Size and Shape

Don’t entertain any preconceived notions about wood fencing always looking the same — it’s simply not true. Wood fencing is versatile and customizable — more so than any other fence material option out there!

You can cut and design a wood fence to be any shape. You can make it fit into the most awkward of spaces. You can stain it to match your home, or you can paint it to stand out boldly.

Your options are endless, and much less costly than trying the same customizations with another type of fence material, such as vinyl or metal.

Maintain it and it Stays Beautiful

Yes, wood does require a bit more maintenance than other materials, but the payoff is huge. When you continually clean and re-stain or repaint it, it maintains its beauty for decades. Other types of fences degrade over time, even when they’re maintained, and don’t show the same shine.

Keep Costs Down Throughout its Life Span

Since wood fencing is a readily available and natural material, it’s a much cheaper option than other types of fence materials. You will pay less per square foot. And repairs cost less than with vinyl or metal fencing. Overall, you will pay less, but still get a new fence that’s durable enough to withstand every season.

It’s the Better Choice for the Environment

While trees are cut down and formed into fences, new trees are planted every year. Manufactured products’ carbon footprint is larger, making wood the more ecofriendly choice.

Enhance Your Property

Whether you’re getting ready to sell or you just want to boost your home’s curb appeal and your own enjoyment of your property, wood fencing can help. Installing a wood fence means you will have a sturdy barrier for your back yard that’s safe for pets and children. Your home value will go up, and friends, family and prospective buyers alike will all appreciate your property improvements.

Trust Utah Fence Warehouse for economical, quality wood fencing supplies, and start planning your installation today. Use our online calculator or call to schedule a free consultation.